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Collecting, processing and trading scrap plastics
from industrial sources throughout Europe

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National retail chain, supplying general clear plastic offcuts

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

You can rely on our huge appetite for this high-value thermoplastic, which our customers use in extrusion or injection moulding processes.


Common ABS uses and examples are:

  • Car body parts
  • Vacuum-formed transit trays and cut sheet parts from thermoforming
  • Toys / stock rejects / recycling facilities / MRF’s
  • WEEE – derived scrap (monitor / TV cases) - mainly from AATF’s

Your clean ABS will demand the highest prices, but we can also help you with materials which are contaminated with metal, PS, or other materials. The worst contaminant in ABS is PVC.

Your clean ABS will be used by an injection moulders within the UK. We usually export contaminated ABS for use in low-value applications.

We will pay immediately for:

  • Offcuts, machined parts, thermoformed sheets
  • Injection-moulded parts / sprues
  • Regrind, shredded ABS
  • Purge / headwaste / off-spec / contaminated
  • Acrylic Capped ABS (bathroom industry)

Rely on us to handle 1t or full 26t shipping container loads. We buy directly from large and small factories in the UK and throughout Europe, and from exporters and traders who are selling overseas.


Grades and format of ABS

ABS regrind single colour

ABS Regrind (single colour)

White or black 8mm granulated ABS 100% clean.

ABS regrind jazz colour

ABS Regrind (Jazz colour)

Mixed colour (JAZZ) 8mm granulated ABS 100% clean.

ABS / PS computer cases

ABS / PS cases

Computer monitor cases white / off white baled or granulated.

ABS extruded offcuts

ABS extruded offcuts

ABS Sheet, mixed colours all thickness, production offcuts with or without LDPE.  ABS / Sheet / Skeletal / Formings.

ABS sprues

ABS Sprues

ABS injection moulded scrap from production.