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Collecting, processing and trading scrap plastics
from industrial sources throughout Europe

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Leading specialist recycler of PMMA, Germany

Recycling facilities & activities

Nationwide UK collection service

We offer our suppliers a nationwide UK collection service - directly by shipping container, or through our network of partner collection sites.  You will have rapid collection and receive immediate payment for your materials. 

We help you generate a bespoke system tailored to your available space and materials. We can supply you with cages, boxes, machinery and plant in order to save revenue and improve your efficiency.

Overseas warehousing, consolidation and production facilities

You can benefit from our overseas warehousing, consolidation and production facilities in China, India and Korea - ask us to load mixed containers. Most of our competitors are unprepared to do this.

How we recycle scrap plastic materials

Consider us an end-user. We stock, consolidate, and redistribute to our partner factories - who use your materials in;

  • Polyester Fibre Spinning (equestrian blankets)
  • MMA recovery by cracking in Southern China (paint production)
  • Key Ring manufacture using very small PMMA offcuts
  • Stock and distribution outlets in India, Korea and China re-using sheet acrylic and PVC foam board sheets in low-cost signage
  • Manufacture of PVC foam extruded profiles - Navasheva in the Indian Sub-Continent
  • Injection moulding of ABS and PS into reels – Kent, UK
  • Injection moulding of safety lighting in Polycarbonate - Germany

How do I get the best price for scrap plastic?

We offer advice on how to handle your scrap materials to ensure you receive the highest possible price for them. See the Materials purchased section for common contamination problems for each type of scrap plastic.