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Collecting, processing and trading scrap plastics
from industrial sources throughout Europe

"In an industry blighted with all too many cowboys and crooks I must say it has been refreshing to work with RecPlas who are very clearly professional, conscientious, honest and trustworthy! "

Recycled Commodities broker, supplying PMMA offcuts, South West

Recycling case studies

Large Retail Chain

A leading retail chain approached RecPlas, looking to improve what they were doing with their plastic scrap.  At the time all their waste was being collected by a single waste company who were charging for their services

Our solution

RecPlas evaluated their waste streams and concluded that some of the materials which were being thrown into general plastics waste were extremely high value polymers. We immediately installed a system of cages to salvage this single loss of revenue which turned out to be more than 80K per year.

In addition, they were introduced to the practice of segregating plastic, cardboard, metal, and other materials which are now providing a revenue stream, separately collected and all managed by RecPlas. Only a small proportion of their waste is now subject to a gate fee and the total cost has been turned into substantial revenue.

Small Sign Maker

A small sign maker contacted RecPlas regarding plastics scrap, which they were throwing away in their mixed bins. They were being charged a fee for handling of their waste.

Our solution

This sign maker was only producing small amounts of plastic scrap, but the waste contained some extremely high-value materials.

Owing to their small size, we referred them to one of our partner schemes, who are now taking all of their plastics in small cages for separation and onward processing by RecPlas. The sign-maker is now receiving top rates for some grades, and a free collection for the remainder, which is a significant improvement on their original waste bill. The net effect is that this company is now receiving an income from their scrap plastic.

Large scrap dealer

A significant waste handler approached RecPlas with a view to exporting some grades of mixed-plastics - derived from CA sites. They were tired of inconsistency in buying habits for this grade of waste.

Our solution

After a site visit and appraisal of their mixed bales, RecPlas was able to significantly improve on price whilst offering a 3-month fixed rate for future loads. This has offered the waste-handler more stability.

Most importantly, RecPlas identified some grades that should be segregated for improved revenue.

Whilst on site, further streams were identified which are specialist areas for RecPlas. One was baled PET Thermoforming scrap that could be loaded together with mixed-rigid plastics as RecPlas has overseas warehousing. The price improvement for this PET was more than £200/t over the existing buyers.


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